Our Team


The American University Rowing Club is founded on a rich history and great traditions. We began as a varsity rowing program in the 1960s, then were reinvented as a club team in the 1990s. Today we row out of the Anacostia Community Boathouse on the Anacostia River. While it is across town from our campus, the daily drive to the boathouse has become one of our favorite parts of the AU Crew experience (Plus rowing past the Nationals Stadium all the way until we can see the airplanes land at Reagan is unforgettable as well). We are a small team who are hoping to grow and show American University students the thrill of rowing. We will carry on the American Eagles spirit of oarsmen before us and maintain a strong foundation for our club's future.

Our Athletes


Erin O'Malley is a senior from Chicago, Illinois studying economics, international relations and communications. She started rowing her Freshman year when she saw a poster that said no experience was necessary to join the team and learn to row! Erin loves to play the guitar, travel & scrapbook. Her favorite tree is definitely the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter.


Thomas Herzog is a Sophomore from Columbus, Ohio studying international relations and political science. He started rowing freshman year of high school, tried to avoid rowing again in college, but caved and joined in his second semester. Thomas also loves playing the guitar and making websites for his crew team. His favorite tree is a willow tree.

Maggie Bernauer is a Junior from Sunnyvale, California studying CLEG and psychology. She joined because she had never rowed before and was very intrigued and wanted to meet new people! Her favorite tree is also a willow tree.

Nico Devito is a Sophomore from Cleveland, Ohio who is majoring in biology #austem. He joined because it looked like fun and he thought Erin's Facebook profile looked savage. He plays the oboe, works the farmland, and his favorite tree is an evergreen.


Hannah Diamond is a Sophomore from Suffern, New York who is majoring in music. Hannah joined the team because she coxed in high school and missed it when she came to AU! She loves to sing, ski, and explore DC with friends. Her favorite trees are birch trees because it looks like they have eyes.


Steven Mezzomo is a sophomore from Westfield, New Jersey studying international relations. He started rowing sophomore year of high school, and decided to continue in college because he loves the arm workout. He loves to do Kung Fu and Karate, plus enjoys painting with water colors. His favorite tree is Canadian Maple.